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Monday, March 5

What a fabulous weekend I have had in order to mark my foray into the late twenties age bracket(ick).

The Bo arranged a Gay Rave party which was just perfect.

And what a party it was… There was chair dancing ala Britney, gay whistles, neon clothing, glow sticks, manhandling an underager who subsequently stole my pink glow stick, fights with our bald, unreasonable neighbour at 10.30pm, mock humping (and probably some real), popper fits, 140 photos and the usual tragic dancing that is now customary anywhere we go (am sure we used to reserve the really awful dancing for our living rooms and mirrors but now it has been made public in the gay bar every single time). Thankfully I had a break from podium related accidents this weekend and instead left that to Stevie.

We all had the most perfect time. Although, I am surprised we have not been given an ASBO from the gay bar yet, the nature of the crime being that we are a bunch of excitable nobs. In fact we have decided that we will avoid the gay bar for the foreseeable future. Or at least until Friday when the wine, crap music and good company gets flowing once again.

We really are too cool for school.

Today’s Likes

Yesterday’s hangover spent with The Bo, making montages...
Our fabulous rainbow nails and gay jewellery
Being a bunch of early nineties ravers
The amount of fun that 2007 has so far turned out to be

Today’s Dislikes

Balderino, the nutter neighbour
The cheese savouries I keep finding in my hair
Our bloody beige carpet, well, at least it was bloody beige
Being broad and in my late twenties as opposed to being broad and in my mid twenties